You Are Not Alone

To the Silent Army:
Ever so slightly the wind blows, ever so slightly your heart. Ever so lightly you expose, another piece of yourself you impart. There are times in this life when we must move boldly. Times of protection of loved ones, of passions pursued, times when wealth is the result. When the heart urges us to move, we move boldly. But it is in the quiet, gentleness of our soul where we find the balance of passion in love. It is in the careful revealing of our innermost self that we find that connection with others that gives us the strength to move boldly in our pursuits. That connection, that deep bond with another soul, is the very substance of life, and that from which all life springs forth. Treasure your loved ones and seek out connection, so that you can march boldly into this thing we call life.

~Draven Grey

*Image: Arthur John Picton

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