Where has 2016 gone?

2016 has been a year of MASSIVE amounts of work behind-the-scenes. From completely rebuilding Rock Circus Masquerade from the ground up, to story writing, music recording, new members, and more. Here’s just a small sample of everything that’s been going on and what’s to come.

  • Rock Circus Masquerade — Our premiere live production has been rewritten with more immersion, more masquerade ball, more circus, more characters, more story, more music, more visuals, more lights, and the list goes on! This was a massive undertaking, including writing a new script, designing the set and characters, writing new music, and putting everything into a Prospectus as we head into raising funds through sponsorships and investors to get this show on the road!
  • Album — With all the new music for the live production, we have been slowly transitioning from demos to a full length album. We’ll be in the studio the rest of the year prepping our best work to date!
  • New Members — Part of the new music includes working with an incredible new guitarist and producer. We’ll announce them as soon as we can share some of the music with you! As some of you know, we brought Amidei on as a core member after the last show. With these two key members in place, we’ve kicked into overdrive!
  • TSS Novel — Draven’s novel release was delayed for some pretty good reasons. One of the main reasons was finishing the the next point…
  • Story Podcast — Season 1 is written. Season 2 is in the works. Then they’ll be recorded and launched as both written and audio along with the launch of our first novel!
  • Website Overhaul — As you’ll see soon, we’ve been tinkering with our website to make everything more streamlined and amazing for you. This includes preparations to make our mailing list the coolest list possible for you.

2016 has been a great year of us prepping to make 2017 the most awesome year for you yet! There is plenty more in the works too, but those are all on the slow-burner as we make the above list happen. 2017 is going to be an incredible year, especially as we ramp up our fan collaboration. If you want to help with any of the above, please shoot us an email and let us know!


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