What’s all this talk about Shadows?

In our mini-documentary training video, we describe Shadow creatures as peaceful and inspiring creatures. In some posts and literature we have revealed that is not always the case. In fact, while that may serve as a good introduction to Shadow creatures found within a general awareness, those that go unchecked and remain within the unconscious mind are often insensitive and negative creatures. But if not angel or demon, as they have been called in the ancient arts, then what is a Shadow?

As Carl G Jung put it, “Closer examination of the dark characteristics that is, the inferiorities constituting the shadow reveals that they have an emotional nature, a kind of autonomy, and accordingly an obsessive or, better, possessive quality.”

Jung’s observations of the Shadow sparked a major shift in modern psychology. In ancient times, even in modern magic, a “demon” was brought forth to address it, control it, in order to become master of your own thoughts and emotions. It was about mastery of self and transcending the external in favor of a more unified consciousness.

In modern times, Jung suggests we do the same, making our awareness of the Shadow that influences us a very conscious thing to us.  Not to the point of paralyzation and being overtaken by our Shadow, but rather to assimilate it, control it, and use it for our betterment. Or as Jung stated, “it must be Jekyll, the conscious personality, who integrates the shadow…and not vice versa. Otherwise the conscious becomes the slave of the autonomous shadow.”

Make no mistake, being aware of, confronting, and assimilating your Shadow is not to identify with it. This is not about becoming you  Shadow and the projections it puts on the world around you, or even about power. Rather, is about awareness of that other voice that speaks to you, influences you, so that you can move forward towards a greater version of self, without being bound by the unseen world.

Or perhaps it is better described in this video:

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