The Weekend That Time Forgot

You’ll want to read to the bottom of this one!

We had a GREAT time and Time Traveller’s Circus this weekend. We were lucky enough to catch Grant Sabin early on in the evening on Friday. Then we danced to Lipstick Voodoo and Hydrogen Skyline (who were amazing to let us use some of their equipment). Nadine learned Belly Dancing moves from the lovely and fiery Isadora Bushkovski — a hilarious and fun time for Nadine. And we finished the night with Algodon‘s experimental trip-blues style as we watched the red sunrise and listened to the wolves howling for miles in all directions. We met so many incredible people, ate great food, told stories, climbed mountains, danced, laughed, and stuffed ourselves into tiny tents. The rain and lightning didn’t stop the fun, (even though we went on at 2am instead of 10pm, lol!). Pics are coming!

Our auditioning percussion finalist, Lane Parsons, flew in from Chicago just a few days before to cram in 3 full days of rehearsals with us. And while our show wasn’t without its hiccups that we’ll be laughing about for years to come, and we’re exhausted more than we can describe, everything came together perfectly for a power packed performance like we’ve never given before. Many thanks to the beautiful Vagabond Misfits, the whole weekend was full of great fun, music (far too many bands to name here), people, costumes, fire dancing, and more. If you didn’t make it, you definitely missed something worth way more than the price of admission. If you did make it out, GET IN TOUCH WITH US!

To top it off (if you didn’t hear it yet from the stage or our fun and beautiful cigarette girl this weekend, Jaye Byrd), for everyone who signs up to our mailing list by Tuesday night, you’ll be entered to win 2 tickets to Amanda Palmer and the Gand Theft Orchestra‘s September 21st Gothic Theatre show in Engelwood, CO! If you liked her in The Dresden Dolls, then you’ll love her latest Dark Cabaret fun. And there are no guarantees, but sometimes her hubby and incredible author, Neil Gaiman, is known to show up. If you’re in Colorado around September 21st, or thinking of making a trip here, SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST ON THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE NOW!

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