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Draven here. It has been a bit odd with Brandon and Alex being in Baltimore this week playing for Vs The Earth (at Power Plant Live tonight! If you’re in Baltimore, GO!). New friends, new connections, and an incredible experience make it worth it. I felt honored that I was even asked if I knew someone who could play for them — even more so that I have the perfect two guys for it right here by my side in The Silent Still. Vs. The Earth has an impressive story of rising from nothing to success on their own. We look forward to getting to know them better.

Looking ahead…
Our crowd-funding campaign has turned out to be a much bigger project than we anticipated. Since it we’re providing so much stuff that a crowd-funding site couldn’t hold us, we’re looking forward to getting it up and running on our own site. The set-back is that it takes more time to build the store for our site, get the pre-orders ready, and be sure everything is in place to make it easy, exciting, and secure for you.

In the mean time, besides preparing everything for the campaign, we’re also preparing for recording the album. We’re working with percussionist Lane Parsons out of the Chicago area, and are in final talks with him about joining the band too. On top of that, we’ve started another recording project with Amidei (who we often speak very highly of and are planning to tour with) and Mingo (a top charting Ambient artist). More news on this later. Just know that this will be the first of many collaborative albums with them, and a chance to hear our more post-rock side in full force. At the same time, we plan to release many album experiences, concert experiences, membership experiences, and dare I say, merchandise, books, art, and more experiences as well. This crowd-funding campaign is only the beginning.

Be on the look out for our first marketing campaign in the next couple of weeks. Through interviews on radio, blog, podcasts, and more, we will slowly take you deeper into the world of The Silent Still Society, the Shadows, and our music. Are you ready for this?

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