The Meaning Behind Our Music

We often get asked about the meaning behind our songs. Up to this point, most of our songs have been about the connection we all have with people around us and how that plays out in life. Friendship, love, romance, betrayal, perseverance, being in this together, rising from the ashes; it’s all part of our life experience, but it’s never something we do alone, not really. Starting work on our second and third albums, things are taking a bit of a different turn for us. Connection, freedom of expression and creativity, personal growth, our life experience, the human experience…all these things are still very important to us.

With the The Silent Still Society becoming much more a part of our lives, and being able to see their stories as allegory of our human experience, our songs are seeming to become much more story-based – even if some will be only a small picture of a scene, a snapshot of our inner struggle, our amazement at our connection with each other, or, like our song Dance of the Marionette, a full story from beginning to end. It’s exciting to be on the tail-end of finishing up our first album. And it’s even more exciting watching our music, events and stories of all types of media begin to develop into something we know all of our fans will think is super cool and engaging.

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