The Child King

To The Silent Army:
We are destined to be great, boldened to be creative, and empowered to be anything we can imagine. Don’t let that world of possibilities you saw as a child be thwarted by naysayers, mumblings in dark places, and those who would oppress such awe and wonder for their own gain or comforts. You never lose your ability to see the world through a child’s eyes, bravely facing the shadows of the unknown and the misters that stand in your way of freedom. It’s time that you awake that inner child and realize that it’s not the weak, small person you’ve been told, but rather a giant with the power to hoist the world on its shoulders and rise far above those that have chosen to lie down and let life happen to them. Now, more than ever, there are so many tools for forging your own successful path that the world is your playground, and your inner child can be king once again.

~Draven Grey

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