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We want to hear about YOUR band. If you’re not in a band, then one of your good friends’ bands will do. Here’s the deal though…We don’t want to just end up with a lot of spam promotions, AND we want to keep things interesting and fun.

So, instead of just having you all post a band that you or a good friend is in and how awesome they are, there are a few guidelines to follow. Here’s what to post:

  1. Name of the band. Make it your own band. But like we said before, if you’re not in a band, then feel free to post the band of a good friend of yours.
  2. The Band website. We prefer you list your official website, but what’s most important is that people can find you by following the link.
  3. The band genre. Some bands list boring genres, which helps us get a general overall view of their sound, but we want more from you. Either list a creative and interesting genre that you made up, list what bands you sound like when all mashed together, or both.
  4. A comparison. Write about things like: Why it would be cool for us to do a show with together, or why it would be cool for us to do a project together, hang out, or some other band-related activity.

Lastly, if at all possible, let’s start planning to make #4 actually happen. Especially if it involves barbeque. We like us some barbeque. If you don’t post an answer to #4, then you’re sadly missing the point of all the fun we could have together! Do it for you. Do it for fun. Do it for Steel Panther.

p.s. we think that’s them in the picture

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