A Shadow In The Making (Part 1)

We’re building a 7′ Shadow costume for a coming music video. Below are Draven’s sketches and the initial photo of the very beginning of the costume.

This one is particularly cool, since it’s a Shadow Father, the darker Shadows that steal children, as opposed to the “Angels” that are more colorful that are talked about in our backstory video. Think of a 7′ highly advanced Alien species that inspired the costumes you see in masked festivals throughout history – the latest iteration being Venetian Masquerade costumes with layers of robes, furs, feathers, and more. This is going to be awesome!

We wrote out the script for the video last night, and are now scouting places to film. Tonight, foam bulking, inner robes, and more layering. Tomorrow, we begin the back piece and mask, while waiting on the feather head dress to come in. We plan to complete the Shadow this week, as well as start shooting scenes! More photos to come!

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