A Shadow In The Making (Part 2)

In our last post, “A Shadow In The Making (Part 1)”, we showed you the initial sketches of our “Shadow Father”. As we said before, a “Shadow Father” is the name that the children it stole call it. There are a few hints we’ve given about what this type of Shadow is like (as opposed to the ones we call “Angels”. We first wrote about them back in July, in a post called “The Shadow Hunters”. Now we’re building one for our first music video short story.

Last night, we spent a lot of time forming the body padding, shoulder pads, and piecing the initial costume together, as well as taking test shots for the type of forced perspective that will be used in the music video. Here’s some of it that we want to share with you (click on images for larger versions):

  1. Putting all the initial clothing together to see if we’re in line with the sketches. It’s not much to look at at this point, but we’re happy with the layers and concept. At this point, nothing had been altered to fit.

  1. Testing the body padding under the inner-vest. We didn’t even try on the jacket we bought for this. Thankfully it fits!

  1. Building the shoulder pads and hunch back over the body padding. Duct tape is our friend. So is foam bedding!

  1. The back of the shoulder pads. Starting to look like something out of Zelda. Great hunch effect beginning to come into shape.

  1. Testing the pads with the clothing, as well as testing forced perspective angles. The costume is coming together really nicely. Although, far from complete in this picture. But the belts, sash, and split Darth Vader(esk) over-robe definitely add a LOT to the overall look. The shooting angle made the suit look absolutely MASSIVE too.

The mask is still being made, along with the feather headdress and back armor/suit piece, adding both height and more of a hunch back, as well as feathers, quills, and spinal column. Additionally, we’re adding a lot more hair to the shoulder pads, and will be attaching a type of cloak underneath it. We’ll also be adding metallic paint to specific pieces. It’s far from complete, but these initial tests are turning out great!

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