Looking for a Serious Drummer

UPDATE (July 31, 2012): We are still accepting submissions, but have several candidates in the final stages of auditions.

The Silent Still is currently auditioning for a Drummer. Professional mindset is a must. Industry experience is a major plus.

As some of you know, Dave has been our Drummer for over a year now, but is a session drummer. And while we think he is among the top Drummers in the world and love him as a brother, it has come time for us to move on to securing a drummer as a more permanent member of the team.

Our influences include Tool, 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Nine Inch Nails, Karnivool, and more. Past local shows include The Bluebird, The Gothic, and The Marquis Theaters, as well as member-only events. We have also been featured on KBPI and in the Colorado Music Buzz.

We have a major touring production in the works for 2013 (as described in this other post), several concert experiences underway, multiple videos as well, and our album is currently in pre-production. Now is the perfect time to come on board.

What sets us apart besides music and image?Rockstar Mindset — Giving us access to massive amounts of experience and coaching for success in the music industry
• Indie Graphic Design — Graphic design specializing in rock musicians, with marketing and music industry experience
• 10+ years Recording and Mastering Engineering experience
• Project Studio (currently building back into a full mobile studio)
• Professional experience (see Draven’s bio)

Please email your Press Kit to nadine (at) thesilentstill dot com.

Additionally, please answer the following in your email:
What do you currently believe is the importance of the following to your music career and why?
• Mindset:
• Image:
• Talent:
• Business knowledge:

After reviewing your email, we will send you our vision, goals, character, values, and focus, and let you decide if you’re the right person for the team before proceeding any further.

Project Manager

For a faster response,


  • email@bradg5.sg-host.com
  • booking@bradg5.sg-host.com
  • sales@bradg5.sg-host.com
  • support@bradg5.sg-host.com

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