Rock Circus Masquerade

“Masquerade Ball meets Cirque Du Soleil meets Rock Concert”, those are the words heard over and over again describing The Silent Still’s premiere event, Rock Circus Masquerade. Watch the video and read on to experience a taste of this amazing show. We’re currently seeking investors to take this incredible show on the road!

The Show

We transport the audience into another world by mixing elaborate costuming, an evolving masquerade ball, a rock concert, acrobatics, concert-style lighting, and more, making the whole room the stage, and our audience characters in their own right.

Special Guests:

Fractal Tribe

Fractal Tribe is group of innovative world class performers, and artists focused primarily on circus production. Combining theatrics with dance, fire, acrobatics, aerial arts, and music, they create a full visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. In addition to generating provocative and inspiring entertainment pieces, Fractal Tribe also leads workshops, develops community and sustainability projects, and engineers cutting edge performance technologies. Fractal Tribe’s mission is to inspire individuals to realize their own intrinsic value and actualize their true potential within their communities.

Different from anything we’ve ever seen; it was beyond my expectations. It was so moving; the mix of the subject, music, acrobatics, acting, story-telling combined was captivating.

Roger Bertman

Rock Circus Masquerade was amazing! The Silent Still, acrobats, firedancers, me in a bustier! Just a true EXTRAVANGANZA!!!!

Judy Rielly

Rocked it in every sense of the word!! Phenomenal performances.

Douglas Ball

Felt like I was at a show in Vegas.

Rich Lopez Jr.

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