Take the Path to Freedom and Connection

To The Silent Army:
Choose your path instead of it being chosen for you. This life has an abundance of wealth for you, but a limited time to enjoy it. Pursue your passions with abandon, your dreams with determination. But remember that it’s in your connection with those around you that the rewards of life come to you. Happiness is found in the moments we share. Freedom is found in the scale in which we can be useful and valuable to others. Put the two together and wealth is abundant and freely giving. Don’t wait 30 or 40 years trying to go it alone in the hopes of freedom “someday”. Don’t slave away your week for the promise of a day or two of freedom and connection. Make your “someday” into today. Combine your passions with your gifts and top them with your dreams and smother them in usefulness. Then live life now and every day. Tomorrow may not come, and your time, your LIFE, is too precious to spend on things that leave you frustrated and spiteful. Spend it on connection, spend it on a valuable contribution to those around you, and tap into the freedom and wealth it has been trying to give you all along.

~Draven Grey

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