From Our Heart To Yours

A heartfelt request.

We’re not in limbo
There’s something we’ve noticed lately. With the changes going on in the band, a lot of you have shown concern about what will happen with us next. Many of you have expressed that you feel in limbo and haven’t been as active with us lately because you’re just unsure of what’s going on. Please allow us to assure you that we’re moving forward strongly, and we want to take you with us every step of the way.

We are in this together
Let us be very clear and upfront with you. First, when we started The Silent Still we knew we were committing to something that we cannot and will not fail in. Draven coaches bands across the world, including in the program, Rock Band Success Coaching, partnered with Tom Hess and Alex Staropoli from the huge metal band, Rhapsody of Fire. To fail, to give up, to not keep moving forward with extreme determination would mean to let down his students and partners as well.

Second, we continue to move forward being damn sure that everyone who is part of the team is exactly who we need on board to make this happen in the most effective way possible, and bring all of our fans the absolute best experiences possible. That includes our live production, our album, our future shows, and everything that we have planned for our fans.

Third, we miss Tiffany too, but sometimes liking someone isn’t enough in order to be the right team to make things happen. We are all better for the time we had together. We’re all mourning the loss of what was. And at the same time, we’re all extremely excited about what’s next for all of us.

We are moving forward with a vengeance
Next week, a new guitarist is flying in from Chicago to finalize his placement in the band. Soon after, he will be moving here. Let us assure you, he is not only an incredible person with a huge heart for our fans, he is also an absolutely amazing guitarist who is adding a LOT to our sound. Once things are finalized, we will be extremely excited to announce him to the world.

Over the next 3 months, we’re going to be recording incredible music you; starting with one of the coolest album crowd-funding campaigns you’ve ever seen. We know that sounds conceited, but we assure you, it’s not conceit, it’s determination. Kickstarter, Pledgemusic, and others don’t yet seem to be able to handle the type of experience we’re creating for you. This is going to be huge, and lead into an incredible CD release party that no other local band has done anything like that we could find. Think of it as a light preview of what we have in store for you with our Masque of the Red Death production. We even have several immersive experiences planned for you after that.

Over the next 6 months, we’re hard at work creating Masque of the Red Death in such a way that it is the best, most fun and entertaining production we’ve ever seen. We’re EXTREMELY excited! A masquerade ball, circus acts, theatrics, rock concert, dance party, and much more…you asked for it, we’re making it happen.

We’ve talked about all our plans before, much more than what we just wrote. And we want you to realize that every bit of it is going to happen. It takes time, it takes careful planning, and it takes YOUR support to keep us moving forward with all the incredible things we have planned for you.

We need you
We do…we need YOU to make all of this happen. We are NOT in limbo, and neither should you be. The Silent Still, along with our many incredible fans, are going to do incredible things together. We need YOU to make all of this happen, TOGETHER.

Share us with your friends – let people know how we’ve helped you with our music, the impression we made on you, the plans we have, and how we can all make this happen together. Write it in a comment below, leave the facebook box checked, and let’s turn this into an army of fans who are all here for each other – determined to help each other, and make amazing things happen.

*Image by McKay Savage

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