One Update To Rule Them All. Oh My!

What you’re about to read/watch:

  • Why our campaign is a huge success, regardless of the money raised, thanks to you! In Video!
  • What our next steps are and how long it will take
  • The huge amount of plans we have in the works
  • Auditioning managers, circus performers, and merch girls, and the wide variety of incredible awesome shows to follow
  • How film, literature, games, and more that take us far beyond being just a band
  • What The Silent Still has to do with Stars Wars
  • How we want YOU to build this with us AND profit from it
But Wait. There’s More! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
Besides the coming albums, merch, and our interaction and collaboration with our members, let’ talk about what the future holds for us all.

As you know, The Silent Still is much more than a band. Because we’re based off of The Silent Still Society, we have a film department, literary department, art department, and more to build up as well. We’ve spent a LOT of time and hard work building up the music side of this. In fact, we’re currently auditioning managers, coordinating with promoters, auditioning merch girls and cigarette girls, seeking out circus performers to join us in stage, and planning a lot of different types of events, from touring to and from conventions, to concerts set to silent film, crazy rock shows, LARPing concerts, masquerade balls, mini-conventions, a HUGE touring production, Society archive displays, and much more. And that’s just the music-related side of things.

We’re close to launching our first short film. And thanks to collaboration with the same great friend, another is already in the works. That’s not to mention feature-length films, web-series and more that are on the table. We will, of course, keep you updated about these as they become more of a reality. But that shouldn’t stop you from letting us know how YOU want to collaborate with us on film.

With our fan collaboration finally launched, we’ll be working towards an online interface that makes it very easy for collaborative projects to be posted by both us AND our fans. For now, it will be simply a matter of asking fir what we need, and you asking us for what you need. We’re super excited about helping you create and sell fan-created merch, film, and books! That’s right…we want to help YOU create things that YOU can profit from.

And speaking of books and stories, that’s something else we’re working on! You have already read the short stories from Draven. More are on their way! In fact, with your help, we have graphic novels, illustrated novels, awesome novels, poetry books, and MUCH more bookstore related materials planned.

And speaking of bookstores, we’re also in the infant stages of creating a trading card game, table top game, and more, giving us a whole gaming department too! A this time, we’re conceptualizing, and would love our help. We’ve started talking with several gaming companies and several interested in starting their own as well. The door is wide open! Email us your ideas and let’s get started!

Are you ready for this?
As you can tell, we’re building much more than a band, we’re building a whole universe of a brand. There’s one caveat tough. We don’t, no, we can’t do this without you. We NEED it to be a collaborative effort every step of the way. We want to work with our fans that are artists, authors, gamers, film makers, and more, to build this in a way that is only truly compatible to the Star Wars franchise meets Amanda Palmer between the plethora of media and fan collaboration/involvement. That means we NEED you.

Over the next months, we’ll be calling on our members and fans, like you, to help with very specific projects we have in mind. And we encourage you to call on us with ideas for the things you want to create (and sell) as well. Everything is still in its infancy, but it has all begun to move forward like a massive steam-powered machine set on galactic domination.

Here’s our chance to make that film, write that novel, draw that graphic novel, create that artwork, develop that game, build that gadget, or whatever your passion, and get our help creating AND selling it!

Have you always wanted to do one of the above? Do you know someone who has? Contact us NOW, and together let’s make it a reality.

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