To the misfits, the mystics, the individualistic

To the misfits, the mystics, the individualistic
by Draven Grey

To the misfits, the mystics, the individualistic
The creative, expressive, those more than a statistic
Let this be your battle cry
A rebel yell for what you decry
No man can stop us
No chains can hold us
There’s nothing in the world that will not behold us
We are the creators
The makers and shakers
We create our own future
So damn all the haters
This world will thrive off of the fruits of our labor
We are the future and they are the curator
There’s nothing they can do to keep us quiet
No law they can pass that make us be silent
We are the voice of this generation
Their provocation, inspiration, propagation and vindication
The cornerstone of civilization
The core of causation
Humanity’s sanctification
Growing in number and mobilization
The defining example of proliferation
No opinion can silence
Siren, handcuffs or tyrant
They may try to hold us
But we will not be compliant
Our voice resounding
Our message abounding
Our feet and our hands compounding
The work of our hands astounding
Our tools are our words, pens, art brushes, and music
We change the world with thought, artistry and lyric
Call us crazy, dreamers, rebels, trouble makers
We are your neighbors, coworkers, and makers
We bring you the world in different flavors
We show the world that they can be greater
We call out the traitors
Take down dictators
Change the world with something simple as paper
We will not waver
We will not be takers
We are the makers
We are the creators
The world is our canvas
Paint, music, and pen are our sabers
We will not tolerate nonsense
Cross us and we’ll move the world to bring your end
With the flick of a pen
We always win

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