Lost Lyrics: Lie

Draven recently found these lyrics when sorting through his old notebooks. Coincidentally, it was the first in a fifteen-year old notebook, followed by none other than the original song lyrics for Clementine. It was never read or heard by anyone until November 20th, 2015 on World Poetry Open Mic.

Everybody knows
The pain of loved ones gone away
Everybody cries sometime
A pillow for your pain
Tears fall but no one hears the rain
Where were you when my heart began to fade?

My heart is down
In tears I drown
I have found my life alone

And everybody sings
Some for joy, some for the pain that it brings
Everybody laughs sometime
Some, they laugh at pain
Some laugh for the joy life brings
As I shake my head and laugh at myself

My eyes are down
My voice is drowned out
By voices calling me away from home

Lie in my arms and forget the world
Because it’s just too much for me
And I cry from a life full of pain
And I cry with a smile on my face
For you and what I find in you

Everybody dances
Gazing, flowers, tunes, romances
Everybody wants someone to hold to

I’m lying donwn
My sorrows drown
Your love surrounds
I lose myself


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