Instead of giving up on hope

To The Silent Army:
You have fought a war that was constructed in your mind
You have toiled over the dreams of others as if they were your own
You let yourself be molded into factories of mimes
And suffered many days being worked down to the bone

We each hold repressed light inside of us
Each carry our pain within the depths of us
Weighing down the life of us
But only taking hold of us
Because we let it
Because we should
Because who if not us will do this good?

There is no shame in raising up
The splendor of another man’s cup
Be their fire, be their drive
Be the one who helps them thrive
But remember that cup you have of your own
Of passions that you once dethroned
For where those shadows lurk and whisper
You’ll find your heart still kindles and stirs

Instead of giving up on hope
In exchange for a resentful voluntary rope
There is no better day than today
To take the hand of those around you and say:
Friend, I am here to help you reach the stars
Through the light and through the nether
But remember me this as you look back from afar
You hold my hand too
We’re in this together

~Draven Grey

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