It’s ready! Free music, stories, and even a poster!

After months of preparation, we have a great gift for you. Our existing mailing list got a little extra for Christmas, but we want to share this particular gift with everyone possible.

But first…What have we been doing behind the scenes?
The past months have been a HUGE time for transition and preparation for us: Brandon and Alex both moved here from Chicago over the Summer; we’ve been prepping a new drummer/percussionist to move here from Chicago as well; we’ve been working on our 1st album, a co-album with Mingo and Amidei, a soundtrack album and show for Nosferatu, a music video, costumes, and more.

We’ve been digging up stories from The Silent Still Society archives and rewriting them for release; we’ve been working on artwork, getting a new digital package ready for you to download for free; we’ve even been working hard on a crowd-funding campaign to for this 1st major album, to help us build a recording studio for future albums, and to raise money and awareness for (who helped Draven’s son wake-up from Autism). This means setting up an online store, hosting our own crowd-funding campaign, moving our mailing list, and learning a whole new system set up specifically to help us give, do, and interact more with you.

Quite simply, we’ve been prepping to launch an incredible relationship with you where we offer you a TON of cool stuff on a regular basis and work WITH you to make the future of The Silent Still something absolutely amazing. This is something we’ve desired for a very long time, and getting the right team and the right experiences in place for you has been our #1 priority for this entire year.

We still have a bit more to do setting up the online store, but we’re launching the first wave of new stuff now.

A gift for you
Here are the first fruits of our labor, a special gift marking the beginning of a new era for The Silent Still:

Our finalized 3-song EP of the songs you’ve come to love from us, 2 short stories that take you into the rather peculiar and haunting world of The Silent Still Society, and a printable 16×20 poster of one of the Society’s mythical Shadow creatures (the digital painting featured in this post).

Download yours now! Click on the “download” button at the top right of our sidebar, or just follow this link:

Enjoy your holiday! Merry Christmas everyone!
~Brandon, Draven, & Alex

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