Down with the Tyrant

To The Silent Army:
The greatest tyranny is from within; to hold yourself back from your dreams and visions of a greater life, a greater you than you are now. Why spend your time, your very life, complaining about the oppressive forces of authority when you have not first looked at the oppression you force onto yourself from within? Now, more than ever, you have easily accessible knowledge and every tool at your disposal to become whomever you choose to be.

The road to a life of wealth may not be easy, but it is a road which lay before you, along with a multitude of ways to travel down that path. And wealth is not only financial, for money is something we made up out of the incorporeal creativity of imagination. Money is simply another form of trade. It’s only worth is the value that we have imagined upon it. Wealth is abundance; abundance of friendships and affection, of freedom, of happiness, of resources…the freedom to be the person you dream about and help others do the same.

You too are also valued by perception. By what value do wish to be perceived? Are you a maker or a taker? Do you add value to or take it away from others? What will you do in order to make the world a better place for those around you? What joys can you help them achieve?

We are not on this rock alone. You are not on your path in solitude. Everyone you come in contact with on this journey called life, together with you. Will you leave them with a smile, a simple jester to make life a little better, even if only for a moment? Or will you leave them with complaints, discord, and strife? The world will not change from without, by addressing the symptoms of what comes from within. The world will only change starting with your immediate sphere of influence, your inner-self and the actions you choose to influence those around you.

Who do you want to become for the world? Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t be afraid to gather your resources. Be bold and utilize the tools and knowledge available to you. Be brave and venture down the road to value and wealth.

~Draven Grey

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