Debut Show photos now up!

Studio Apocalypse took some amazing photos of our debut show.

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The night began with high stress, but the comfort of cool friends.  Our project manager really took the reins and got everything and everyone where they needed to be.  Our cigarette girls took to the crowd and got to know our fans, while we prepared for the show, tried to relax, and make all of our last minute preparations.

With our backdrop hung high, and the lights lowered and candles flickering across the stage, we took our positions.  The bass pounded away the first few lines of Marionette, and then we exploded into a wall of sound.  Each song more intense than the last, each minute building with enthusiasm, excitement, and power.  And then there was the band too.  Seriously, the crowd was that awesome!  You guys really made the show!

For the 3rd song of the night, Tony from Nemesys joined us on stage for an amazing cover of Deftone’s “Passenger.”  Tony easily rivaled Chino as he owned the song and the crowd.  Our incredible friend, Don, got a 2 -part video of the song!

We ended the night with “The Retribution of Artiface” as the crowds screams overshadowed the final scream of the song.

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For all who’ve asked, here was our set list:
1. Marionette
2. Ordinary Life (Coma)
3. Passenger
4. Reach
5. Rise
6. The Retribution of Artiface

Followed by some amazing music and performances.

We love everyone from Glass DeliriumNemesys, and Seris!  Don’t forget to check them out as well!  They all put on an incredible show!

And we can’t say enough about how thankful we were to have Matt Skellenger from Katalyst join us on bass for the night!

~Draven, Tiff, & Dave

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