Creating a Show to Remember

We’ve been thinking a lot about ways to make our concerts more than just a concert for you, more than just a band performing on stage with an audience watching off stage.  We love the idea of turning a concert into an all out event, where each of you participate actively.  In fact, we strive for it.

So, Draven started a post on our facebook about it on the 7th of this month to test the waters for such an idea.  You guys responded great!  It seems like a hit, so let’s keep the discussion going!

House parties are great, and we’re happy to do one with you.  But even then, we would love some ideas on how to make it much more than that.  Think of it this way:  We rent out a space for an evening and turn it into whatever we want it to be.  There doesn’t need to be a stage.  And even if there is, it can be almost anywhere in the room.  In other words, we want ideas for traditional and non-traditional venues.  What would you think is really cool?

Keep in mind, The Silent Still has Victorian, Burlesque (think Moulin Rouge/Cabaret), Steampunk, and Victorian Military elements in our visual style.  Not full out, but hints of it.

Here are a few of the current ideas you’ve given us:
We commented in dark red on each of the suggestions below.

Mitchel Barnes — “We used to do this in high school. We built coffins, a 14′ working guillotine magic trick, fake body parts with lots of fire, blood, paint, masks and stage actors. We would over pack little places in Conifer cause we put on a show. People didn’t come for the music, they came for the spectacle, and they came from DENVER to see us. Awesome times”
(We like the idea of theatrics! Perhaps even teaming up with a theater group. Teaming up with a Burlesque group could really be cool.)

Dawn Brock DeWitt — “Hmmm, I just happen to have a hookup with some of the best body painters in the country. Body art +rock concert = ? The best of both worlds!”
(Painted as part of the stage/background, like an organic backdrop, could be really cool!)

Arman Birang — “I’ve seen a couple masquerade shows in Seattle this past year. Apparently they’re fun and attract interest. Especially, with the right bands…”
(A Victorian Masquerade would be a lot of fun!  But what activities that get the audience and band interacting for a complete experience/show?)

Adam Garcia — “Ok just go with me on this, it just hit me in the middle of class: a show with a Mardi Gras based theme with the music styles of TSS. I just liked the idea of a huge masqueraded event fueled by TSS music. Think about it, it could still entail everything from body paint to whatever crazy ass spectacle people can think up”
(Similar to the Victorian Masquerade, but with more flare and party elements?  Also a cool idea!  But again begs the question, what activities for the night?)

Amidei & Draven’s discussion

  1. LARP (Live Action Role-play) – scenarios predetermined, possibly giving out specific characters and personalities at the door.
  2. Mixing theater and music performances – somehow acting out famous scenes (specific theme for the night like a certain Edgar Allen Poe story) and interjecting music performances.
  3. Murder Mystery combined with the above.
  4. Cirque Du Soliel style performance set to TSS performing in background.

We want to hear from you.
This could easily turn into a traveling event/show if done right.

What are your thoughts and ideas?

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