Choose Life

To The Silent Army:
Your lips may be stained with the bitter sweet drink of life, and your arms tired from the work that has brought you this far. But lost hopes, crushed dreams, and smothered passions are merely a construct of the mind, reinforced by those who have been told the same for as many years, if not more. Your hope is still alive, your passions still aflame, your dreams still calling to you.

Don’t listen to the shadows in the dark telling you it’s too late, you have too many responsibilities, or that you’re stuck in a job you hate, living a life that sucks the energy out of you while you gasp for air with more distractions that are, at their core, just a way to try and forget the days you just spent in chains, watching your true desires slipping away.

Hold your head high, take charge of your direction and fate. You were given a creative mind and hands to create with, not toil. You can create the world around you. You can kindle your passions and dreams, making them burn bright in your mind once again. And you can take that fire with you wherever you go, spreading it to others.

Every job doesn’t need to be a means to an end, it can be an opportunity to learn and thrive as your unique self, no matter what environment you find yourself in as you charge forward towards your true desires. The world around you may very well be a masquerade, full of masks, costumes, and games. The masks you choose to wear, the costumes you employ, and what games you play are up to you. Choose life.

~Draven Grey

photo: flickr, wolfB1958

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