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Here we collect our past ruminations. You clicked on a specific category, to see what else we've thought of before. Feel free to contact us and let us know if their are other things you would like us to write about. Until then... Join the conversation. Become a part of the story.

What’s all this talk about Shadows?

What’s all this talk about Shadows?

In our mini-documentary training video, we describe Shadow creatures as peaceful and inspiring creatures. In some posts and literature we have revealed that is not always the case. In fact, while that may serve as a good introduction to Shadow creatures found within a...

The Wild Wild West Steampunk Con II

Last weekend was filled with wonder, amazement, sleeplessness, stress, fun, jokes, music, ghostbusters, new friends, and much more. We set sail one night for Tucson, AZ, a trailer full of equipment, not knowing what to expect. As the sun rose in New Mexico over half a...

New Story From The Archives

We recently released 2 short stories based on The Silent Still Society Archives with our free EP and digital-painting/printable-poster. If you haven’t already, download that now and enjoy it, our Holiday gift to you! For your further enjoyment, here is a story...

A Shadow In The Making (Part 2)

In our last post, “A Shadow In The Making (Part 1)”, we showed you the initial sketches of our “Shadow Father”. As we said before, a “Shadow Father” is the name that the children it stole call it. There are a few hints we’ve...

A Shadow In The Making (Part 1)

We’re building a 7′ Shadow costume for a coming music video. Below are Draven’s sketches and the initial photo of the very beginning of the costume. This one is particularly cool, since it’s a Shadow Father, the darker Shadows that steal...

The Shadow Hunters

Not all Shadows are benevolent. Many of those that escaped captivity during The Silent Still Society’s dark ages became ruthless, enslaving children and conniving to bring all of humankind under their control. They began turning The Silent Army from protectors...

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