Messages from the vault

Here we collect our past ruminations. You clicked on a specific category, to see what else we've thought of before. Feel free to contact us and let us know if their are other things you would like us to write about. Until then... Join the conversation. Become a part of the story.

About To Launch A Merch Extravaganza!!

Setting up pre-sale memberships and merch packages on one site (crowd-funding) that will be redeemed on another site (our store) is  proving complicated. However, the cool news is that we’re putting the final touches on the crowd-funding campaign for you! We...

The Weekend That Time Forgot

You’ll want to read to the bottom of this one! We had a GREAT time and Time Traveller’s Circus this weekend. We were lucky enough to catch Grant Sabin early on in the evening on Friday. Then we danced to Lipstick Voodoo and Hydrogen Skyline (who were...

Creating a Show to Remember

We’ve been thinking a lot about ways to make our concerts more than just a concert for you, more than just a band performing on stage with an audience watching off stage.  We love the idea of turning a concert into an all out event, where each of you participate...

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