And We’re Back!

Our website has been problem stricken for many months. You will most likely notice some ongoing issues even now. While working on becoming much more than just a band, we’re also working on completely revamping our website. Within a few months, we will have completely rebranded The Silent Still to be much more than a band with stories. We will be putting much more emphasis on the story itself, so that we can bring you a myriad of ways to immerse yourself in that story and become an active part of it.

But first things first…
As we explained a couple of posts ago, we have been putting the vast majority of our energy into launching our debut album, merch store, and memberships. You guys were incredibly awesome to help us raise the money to make it all happen!  You should know, however, doing this on a budget of only around $1000 is a real challenge and extra takes time – expanding on the hundreds of hours that it already takes to record and release an album alone.

We’re hard at work to bring you the coolest, most engaging story possible, and look forward to our transformation with you in the coming months!

Image: Mish Sukharev

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