Album Update: The Drum Edition

It’s been an uphill battle, but progress IS happening, and we’re turning our struggle into success!

As we finish up recording drums for our debut album, we wanted to give everyone a decent update on the journey to get here. We got very creative with the money everyone contributed and made our own cables! This took a lot of time, but we ended up with $1500 worth of premium mic cables, $1600 worth of mics, over $1000 worth of acoustic foam, and a new $500 recording interface that we can mod into a beast, all for less than $1000!! We even put together a little video for you:



Next up, guitars. Then onto second and third background guitars, then bass, keys, and vocals.

Building our own cables, and finding the right deal on mics took the longest by far. Recording drums took an incredibly long time as well due to some major health problems Lane encountered along the way. He’s now okay and thriving, so no worries. We’re on schedule to release the new album in late October, early November!

For an album preview, demos, and more, be sure to check out our music page:

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image: russ turner photography

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