Album, store, memberships & merch are GO!

There is just too much awesomeness to include in this post!!! We’ve been extremely hard at work over the last year and a half, ever since you helped us raise money for children with Autism and just enough money to start building our recording studio and merch. All that hard work has paid off!

Please spread the word of our freebies and pre-sales while we wait for all of our merch to come in! Help us build this dream and create many more awesome things together with you.

We’ve spent over thousand hours (yes, 1000+ hours!!!!) building cables, recording, mixing, designing the website, designing merch, painting, building a store, writing content, writing stories, writing songs, designing our live show, gathering the team, editing video, and tons of other things that may seem mundane but add up to a LOT of work! Combine that with paying the bills in the mean time…wow, it’s both a relief and a HUGE moment of celebration to finally be sharing the fruits of our labor with you!

Those of you who were a part of our crowd-funding campaign so long ago also helped bring hope to another family facing the trials and throes of caring an autistic child. I wish we could’ve done more, but just sharing the story of Draven’s son and how the Brain Balance Center was key in helping him “wake up” from autism has brought hope and excitement to many families faces that there is real help for their child out there. Please, if you know someone who has a child with autism or any other neuro-behavioral disorder help us continue to spread the word about this amazing program.

While prepare to ship merchandise and activate our memberships, everything is on pre-sale!

We’ll be emailing every one of the current Silent Army members with their login information soon. Once you get your login info, be sure to check out all of the new freebies we’ve added for you in your free section of our store! That includes the digital painting “Red Masque” poster, and newly mastered music from our self-titled EP, Yesterday (Remembering 9-11), and our Holiday Song, Longest Night. And in addition to the free short stories we’ve offered before, we’re also including enhanced audio books of those stories! There’s also much more on the way in the future!

Now, let’s build more amazing things together!

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